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3 Things You Can’t Put on a Moving Truck

As a top Seattle moving company, CMS Relocation & Logistics moves literally millions of items for thousands of residential and commercial clients every year. We love our jobs, and we love helping people. It’s rewarding to see our clients arrive happily at their new quarters with everything they need, safe and sound. But not all items are safe — or legal — to move. CMS wants to let you know what you can and can’t pack in your moving boxes.
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Most everyone’s possessions are safe to pack and load onto a moving truck. Although we mostly move furniture, equipment and boxes, occasionally we are asked to move some unusual items. We’re discreet about these unusual items, but we hear stories from other movers who say they have moved:

  • Taxidermied animals
  • Cremation urns full of ashes
  • A coffin
  • Animal fetuses floating in jars of formaldehyde
  • A collection of 17th-century wooden statues of Jesus
  • Phone booths

Rest assured the bulk of our clientele does not want to move items like these, but if they did, we would move them.

What can’t we move?

Items Moving Companies Can’t Move

1. HazMats

These are the types of things you aren’t allowed to have in your car when you drive through long tunnels. They include gasoline, paint thinner, fireworks, loaded guns, etc. These are easy to guess, but did you know that nail polish, ammonia and aerosol cans also count? So no Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, no Windex, no Aqua Net.

2. Perishables

Perishables include food and plants. It may be obvious to you that you can’t put ice cream and popsicles on a moving truck, but you also shouldn’t put the crates of Lucky Charms you bought at Costco on the truck either, although we understand it would take a long time for those to perish.

In fact, moving some foods is at the discretion of your driver, if you are moving locally, so check with us if you want to move any food.

Plants can be delicate and they don’t wrap well, so these are best transported carefully on the floor of your car.

3. Irreplaceable Items

Don’t pack your passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, wedding ring, family photos, car titles, wads of cash, car keys, computers, prescriptions, eyeglasses or anything that would be difficult to easily replace.

We are extremely careful with all our clients’ items, but accidents can happen. For instance, if you packed water, the container could crack and leak on your items. You might mistake a box you want on the truck with a box of trash and throw it out. If the moving truck is involved in an accident, items could get damaged.

These scenarios are rare and unlikely, but not impossible, so we recommend keeping your most valuable items with you.

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For a full list of items prohibited on moving trucks, check our website.

CMS Relocation & Logistics is here for all your residential and commercial moving needs. Contact us with any questions you have about prohibited items or moving in general.

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