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5 Seattle Shops that Will Not Bore the Family

5 Seattle Shops that Will Not Bore the Family


Spending time shopping can quickly get boring. Many retail stores and malls have the same brands and selections. As these stores are shopped the items become more and more redundant. For a unique shopping experience, there are vintage stores, handmade shops, and clothing stores with items designed by the owners. These stores have selections of items that will not be found anywhere else.


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Mishu Boutique


Mishu Boutique is an interesting brand and a great shop to visit while in Seattle. The creator of Mishu wanted the freedom to create clothing and designs in their own way. They did not want to live by the restrictions of typical style. They also wanted to have a friendly store that welcomed anyone in to enjoy their clothing selection.


All of the clothing is designed in Seattle, where their home base is located. The designs are created in India and shipped back to the store. It is independently owned and it shows in the stores unique style. There are no big name brands that will grace the shelves of Mishu. Only unique and innovative designs.


All clothing items have different designs and additions. Lacing up the side, or even crochet designs. Any look that is purchased from this store is going to turn some heads. Everyone is going to be asking where the item was purchased.


Easy Street Records


Easy Street Records offers much more than music to their customers. It is an entire experience to visit this small record store. Originally it started out simply selling music. Over the years a cafe and a bar were included. While shopping customers can grab a drink of coffee, beer, or even wine. There are even breakfast and lunch options.


Not only is there food, drinks, and records for sale there are also live performances. At any given time the record store may have a band playing their music. It is easy to listen and enjoy the music and then purchase their CD.


There are CDs, vinyl records, and merchandise for sale that all center around music. There are also DVDs, books, and magazines. It really is a one-stop shop for all things entertainment. It is a great place to sit down and enjoy the afternoon, without spending a lot of money for the live entertainment.


Rachel’s Ginger Beer


Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a shop that sells hand-made ginger beer. The great taste of Rachel’s Ginger Beer comes from fresh ingredients. The beer is made from simple ingredients of lemons, roots, and organic cane sugar. With a little water, there is a simply brewed ginger beer. The ingredients come from many local farmers or are purchased at farmers markets.


There is, of course, the original flavor. Besides the original, there are many new flavors to try. Like the cucumber and tarragon or even the caramelized pineapple. Any of the flavors are a great choice. All of the fresh fruit creates wonderful flavors.


These beverages are fantastic to mix with alcoholic beverages. They are so good that there are even a variety of recipes on the website to follow. The favorite recipes of the owner of the shop are posted for fans to follow.


Magic Mouse


A great shop for the kids is the Magic Mouse shop. Not that an adult would not enjoy the many wonderful toys and games that are available. The only problem with going to this store is that money is going to be spent. It is far too easy to spend a lot of money on the variety of items that are for sale.


There are games, puzzles, books, stuffed animals, baby dolls, action figures, costumes and so much more. The many games and puzzles are not only for children. There are wonderful 3D puzzles and games that can entertain the whole family. Be sure to have some time to spend looking through this whimsical shop.


For a great family day, spend some time wandering the shop. Pick out a few new toys or games to take home. Then have a great family night in and play games all evening. Making an investment in a few board games means fun for the family for a long time to come.


Space Oddity Vintage Furniture


Space Oddity Vintage Furniture is the place to go to find furniture that is more than the typical retail store brands. The modern look is great for some, but Space Oddity Vintage has all of the worn old-style furniture that adds a little charm to any room. The owner of the store describes their inspiration as shabby chic.


The furniture is still aesthetically pleasing, but it has signs of wear and tear. The look that the furniture has been sitting in someone’s house for years is appealing. It gives the home a lived-in look and shows that people often spend time together while using the furniture. The concept of a distressed piece of furniture has become very popular in recent years.


There are places that people can take new furniture to and they will help to distress the design. This is one option to getting this specific look. However, it is very expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on brand new furniture and then redesigning it, it is much easier to purchase well-used vintage furniture.


All items were previously owned and used. The shabby chic look of these items comes from natural wear and tear of people who have used these items in their homes. Saving money on these items is a bonus to getting great vintage furniture.

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