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Annual Murder Mystery Weekend Entices Seattle Residence

Annual Murder Mystery Weekend Entices Seattle Residence


Seattle in February can be a tad too cold and wet for residents or visitors. Most people who are stopping in Seattle during this month are looking for indoor activities or getting ready to ski. With this in mind, it is a great time to find deals on hotels since no one is looking to book. One activity that residents always look forward to is the February Mystery weekend held in Langley. Just a little over an hour away from Seattle and a crime scene is waiting for visitors to come help solve the case.


It’s Killing Time Again


While a slightly morbid way to spend a weekend the thirty-fifth annual Mystery Weekend brings excitement to Langley for a whole weekend. With thirty-four successful years behind this crime spree, it looks like no one is going to stop these mysteries from popping up every year. However, visitors can still help solve this years case by staying for this two days event. Always know what is happening in Langley by signing up for their newsletter. This newsletter will not cost anything and it will help remind those that want to participate in the Mystery weekend when it is coming up. Tickets for the weekend can be purchased online and are usually under fifteen dollars. People can also sign up and get their ticket in person at the Langley Chamber of Commerce. The ticket will include the ability to participate in attempting to solve the mystery. Each participant will get to guess who the culprit is. Those that really pay attention and find out who has been committing these crimes could win a prize at the end of the weekend. The guess for who committed the crime has to be submitted to the Chamber before a certain time on the last day of the mystery to be eligible for the price so pay attention when those entries are due in. There are discounted tickets for seniors, military personnel and for children who are participating.




Every year people are clamoring to get their souvenir from the weekend. There are some items available to purchase for those that would like to remember the mystery weekend. There will be hoodies, a zippered sweatshirt, T-shirts, and even a poster available to purchase. All of these items can be found online at the Chamber of Commerce online store. There will be a limited amount of items available to order right away to avoid missing out.


About the Mystery


The Langley Mystery weekend always has a ton of participants ready to solve yet another mystery. Typically a few thousand people show up to explore the town during this weekend. Even though there is a bit of mystery in the air it is a fun event for all ages. Do not be shy and bring the whole family to figure out who the next culprit is. At their thirty-fifth year, it is the longest annual mystery weekend running. Each year someone new is murdered in Langley. While Langley is typically a modest village by the sea there is always a certain time of the year when someone finds the motivation to murder one of the residents. The weekend will be filled with aspiring investigators trying to learn the real story of the thirty-fifth annual murder mystery. Throughout the weekend there will be live suspects ready to answer questions, while they may not all be honest in those answers. The crime scene will be set up to allow investigators to walk through and find clues. Not to mention there will be newspaper stories that can give even more insight into what is really happening in Langley. Each participant will be given a coroners report to start with. Detailing who their victim was and how they died. Which can give some insight into who the murderer is. Typically there are around forty clues to gather that will lead to the truth. The fun part of this live-action game of clue is the fact there are actual suspects walking around. They are positioned in different parts of the town and have their stories ready to tell. As investigators walk through town they may bump into the murderer and not even know it. Each suspect can be interrogated and will give their side of the story.

Investigators will need to piece together the many clues around the town to learn who the murderer is. Anyone that thinks they know who committed this crime should submit their guess to the Chamber of Commerce for a chance to win a prize. Even those that do not know who did it should join other investigators at the Langley Middle School for the exciting ending of the mystery. Anyone that started the mystery but had to leave before the murderer was found can always go to the Langley website for more information. At this website, there will be the resolution to the murder once it has been revealed. Plus participants can look at past years mysteries and resolutions, as well.


Pack For All Weather


The weather sometimes complies with the mystery weekend and other times it decided to make it just a bit more gloomy. Some years the weather is beautiful other times there is rain or snow. Always check the weather reports and pack some extra clothes in case. Staying in town is helpful for anyone looking to start the weekend investigating and stay until the resolution. It makes it easier to run back to the hotel for a change of clothes if needed. Langley welcomes all investigators to come to try to solve their annual mystery. The Mystery Weekend has easily become a destination weekend vacation for many that live close to the seaside village. People flock to the town for a chance to solve that years mystery. Each year brings a new and exciting story to Langley. It is up to every participant in the Mystery Weekend to really dig around town, piece together clues, and catch that culprit.

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