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Best Neighborhoods in Seattle For Families

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle For Families


There are some areas where parents may be apprehensive about moving into with children.  Seattle is one that is a wonderful fit for any kind of family. From their fantastic school system to their dedication to the community it is a good place for families to settle down.  Besides the many amazing aspects of the area, it is also not as expensive as many cities and parents can feel safe with their children in their neighborhood. For the best neighborhoods for families check out one of these five great choices.


Careful research before moving into a neighborhood is needed to know it will be safe and a good fit for the family.  Each family is different. Their needs want, and hobbies are different and their neighborhood should reflect that. Just like interests each family’s financial standing will not be the same.  Seattle has neighborhoods that can accommodate lower budgets and higher budgets.


A great thing about these Seattle neighborhoods is that they all have one aspect in common.  They are bringing together like-minded families who want to build a community. Families should be there for each other and have a safe neighborhood where they can rely on their neighbors.  Each neighborhood in this list holds many events to bring the community together to make sure everyone feels at home.


Whether a family wants the traditional suburban lifestyle or a lifestyle that more closely reflects the city, they can find that in Seattle.  Seattle is a lard sprawling city with beaches, parks, busy shopping boulevards, and families. There are many great housing choices for anyone wanting to live in Seattle. 


Good to the Budget


For those that are looking for the most bang for their buck, Greenwood is the neighborhood to be.  The homes in this area are among the lowest on this list and it is a family-focused area. While there is plenty of residential choices there are also fantastic sores along Greenwood Ave.


These stores will make it easy for the family to get their essentials, eat out, and even buy some fun things for the family.  Art lovers will love the many museums and galleries in the area. There is also a neighborhood get-together called the PhinyWood Art Walk.  One of the best aspects of this neighborhood is the fact almost any area is close enough the family can simply walk over.


Living on the Water


West Seattle is a water-front neighborhood that can boast about the public school system’s high standing.  A sense of community is obvious in West Seattle. People love living in this safe and taken care of the neighborhood.  Access to community events like farmers’ markets, art walks, festivals, and school events is what brings families in.


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The location of West Seattle makes for an over-abundance of outdoor fun.  There are so many activities to choose from it may be hard not to pack the weekend full and feel exhausted at the end of the day.  Depending on the family’s needs in a home they may want to check out the portion of the neighborhood that focuses on single-family houses or the business section that allows for renters.


Best of Both Worlds


Moving up in price by a touch, Upper Queen Anne is still a neighborhood where people can find affordable housing.  This neighborhood is close to the city center and has a great mixture of what people look for in a quiet neighborhood while still keeping some of the city action.


Those that move into this neighborhood are usually younger families who do not want to change their lifestyle completely but are looking for a safer neighborhood for their family.  The homes can vary from condos to Victorians, so there is something for everyone’s style. The schools perform well, there are plenty of parks, places to eat, and a lot of educational experience too.


Seclusion Never Felt So Good


Some people do not want to move into a suburb, yet they are tired of the city.  There are neighborhoods that are still close to Downtown Seattle but have that quiet feel of a suburb.  Magnolia is a go-to area for many families for just this reason. Families can enjoy the beaches that are close by, play at the park, and still hop over to the big city action.


For a more traditional neighborhood feel there are many single-family homes available.  Plus there are many town homes that are under renovation that will be ready for the right buyer soon.  There are plenty of school options and everything is close by so no one has to waste time traveling instead of being with their family.




A family looking for a home that is at the higher end of the spectrum should look no further than Laurelhurst.  Those who live in Laurelhurst know their neighborhood gives off the feel of an upper-class lap of luxury feel and frankly, that is what they are going for.  Of course, the families in the neighborhood are spending good money to be there this only makes them want to be even more part of the community.


This neighborhood is close to Lake Washington giving residents access to the many fun activities on the lake.  There are universities available, jobs at the children’s hospital, and many highly reviewed and rated schools. 


The variety that is found in Seattle neighborhoods is helpful for families to find the one that fits their family’s needs.  Each person is different in what they are looking for in their neighborhood and in their home. Their neighborhood should reflect their values and give them access to what they need and want to be successful.  


Picking a house is hard.  Choosing a neighborhood to raise a family is even harder.  The core element that all families want is safety and security.  Any of these neighborhoods are going to give families just that. For an added bonus there are plenty of activities, parks, highly rated schools, museums, shops, and so much more available in each area.  It is up to each family to decide what neighborhood is truly the best in Seattle.

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