The Beginners Guide to Moving to Seattle

Sometimes people decide that they need a change and they often choose to move to a new city.  Whether that city is in their current state or even thousands of miles away they may not feel prepared for the move.  Change can be a great thing to have but it is also scary. A great way to combat this fear is to learn about the area before moving there.  Seattle is home to many people who love where they live, enjoy their careers and would not want ..

The Only 4 Reasons A Person Needs To Decide to Move to Seattle

Deciding to move is not an easy task. For those that are looking to move to a new city or even out of state, this decision is even harder. Unless a person has spent many vacations in an area it can be impossible for them to know how they like a city. Seattle is a city that is great to visit but even better to live in. There are beautiful landscapes, bountiful options for shopping and fun, many family-oriented activities, and a booming economy tha..

Real Estate Prices in Seattle

A pressing issue on the minds of anyone looking to buy a house is the price of the home. Once a person has narrowed down what state and what city they want to buy a home in they get to start the exciting process of purchasing a home.   Sometimes the prices of these homes come as a slap in the face for those that have not prepared themselves. When looking to buy home in Seattle it is important to stay up to date on market trends and pay..

The Tillicum Village Experience a Seattle Argosy Cruise

Its time to take to the sea. Join other passengers on a Seattle Argosy Cruise. There are many cruises to choose from to cover all interests. Spending the day at the waterfront is a joy in itself and getting to cruise to the many historical areas near Seattle can be fun for the whole family. One cruise goes to Blake Island where passengers can participate in the Tillicum Excursion.   What Is The Tillicum Excursion   The Tilli..

A Day in the Life of a Gold Rush Prospector Visiting a Seattle Museum

Learning about the history of a town doesn't always appeal to the residents or even visitors.  However, when you have an interesting history paired with a unique museum it is easy to have fun while learning.  Take the time to visit the Seattle division of the Klondike Gold Rush museum. It is an interactive experience that is completely different than a typical museum visit. A Little History Seattle was once used as the fueling depot for..

Annual Murder Mystery Weekend Entices Seattle Residence

Seattle in February can be a tad too cold and wet for residents or visitors. Most people who are stopping in Seattle during this month are looking for indoor activities or getting ready to ski. With this in mind, it is a great time to find deals on hotels since no one is looking to book. One activity that residents always look forward to is the February Mystery weekend held in Langley. Just a little over an hour away from Seattle and a crime scen..

Getting Crafty The Seattle Renegade Craft Fair

There is no better time to find a Renegade Craft Fair than just before the holidays.  There are so many amazing gift opportunities at these fairs.  Each fair has something a little different since different vendors will be in attendance.  Buying gifts at the fair is simple and any gift-giver can rest easy knowing that their gift is going to be unique this year.   What It Is to Renegade Craft   There is no one way to descr..

Fall Festivities in Seattle Fun For Adults and Children Alike

To truly experience a city one must see it every season. Visiting Seattle in the fall is an experience in itself. The beauty that the city has is only amplified by the warm fall colors. Businesses are in full swing of celebrating the upcoming holidays and luckily the regular crowds have cleared out since it is not prime tourist season. There are plenty of fun activities to do this October in Seattle.   Weather   When some pe..

A Pirates Life For Me A Celebration in Seattle

There are many ways to know that it is summer in Seattle.  One way is to watch out for the Seafair Pirates.  That is right, pirates are a sure indication that summer is in full swing.  The Seattle Seafair Pirates are a tradition in Seattle.  They are often found visiting local nursing homes or even hospitals when they are not seizing the Alki Beach.  Watching them port at the beach is quite the spectacle and is accompanies by a festival fit ..

Saving Animals in Seattle Where All Dogs Are Welcome

Dog lovers flock to live in Seattle. It is one of the few cities around that emphasizes the importance of those four-legged friends. So many people love the open approach that many areas of the city take with dogs. From parks to restaurants there is a place where the whole family can come in. For those that are really looking to make an impact, there is even a third annual Bark Benefit.   Choosing Seattle There are many people who are o..

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