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Tips for Moving to a New State

Any significant move can be a process for those taking part in it, and those where you're travelling large distances to a new state are often some of the most involved. With the right preparation and expectations, however, even a lengthy out-of-state move can be organized and carried out in effective, low-stress ways that get all your belongings safely to your new location. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're happy to offer the best long-..

Avoiding Common Moving Mistakes

Anyone involved in an upcoming move naturally wants to make this process as simple and low-stress as possible, and one important theme here is avoiding certain pitfalls that others have fallen into in the past. There are a few general mistakes that can be made during the moving process which can impact your move in ways ranging from delays and increased hassle to larger issues in some cases. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're here to hel..

Debunking Common Myths on Professional Movers

There are many industries where myths crop up over time for a variety of reasons, and understanding the truth is important. This is not just so people have correct information, but also because of how having that information impacts them -- and a great example here is the realm of professional movers. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we happily provide a whole host of moving services, from local and long-distance moves to storage, distribut..

Tips From Seattle Moving Pros on Moving with Pets

As anyone who has been through a major move in the past can tell you, the process of moving impacts everyone in the home. This statement extends not only to the people living in the house, but also to any pets that may be present -- moving is a big adjustment for them, too, and they're an element that must be closely considered for any move you're planning. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're happy to assist a wide range of Seattle client..

Planning for a Local Move – What You Need to Know!

Every major move will require some basic preparation and planning, including those where you're remaining within the same city. Even a move that involves very little actual distance between two locations can be a significant job, and many people in this position will lean on professional movers for part or all of their needs. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're happy to offer Seattle's very best local moving services, with local experts w..

Are you looking to move this Summer? Be sure to book your dates early!

  Are you looking to move this Summer? It is going to be a busy summer for the moving industry, be sure to book your dates early!   The busiest months of the year for moving are the months of June, July and August. The kids are out of school and getting settled into a new home before the start of a new school year seems to be on everyones to do list. The sooner you book your dates the better!   If you are moving..

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