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Category: Moving Awards

The Importance of Labeling Boxes for an Organized Move

Moving can be a stressful experience, but being organized can make all the difference. From decluttering before packing to creating a detailed inventory of your belongings, there are several steps you can take to make your move smoother. One of the most important steps in staying organized during a move is properly labeling your boxes. Proper labeling can save you time, prevent stress, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your new ..

Tips for Moving to a New State

Any significant move can be a process for those taking part in it, and those where you're travelling large distances to a new state are often some of the most involved. With the right preparation and expectations, however, even a lengthy out-of-state move can be organized and carried out in effective, low-stress ways that get all your belongings safely to your new location. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're happy to offer the best long-..

Avoiding Common Moving Mistakes

Anyone involved in an upcoming move naturally wants to make this process as simple and low-stress as possible, and one important theme here is avoiding certain pitfalls that others have fallen into in the past. There are a few general mistakes that can be made during the moving process which can impact your move in ways ranging from delays and increased hassle to larger issues in some cases. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we're here to hel..

Debunking Common Myths on Professional Movers

There are many industries where myths crop up over time for a variety of reasons, and understanding the truth is important. This is not just so people have correct information, but also because of how having that information impacts them -- and a great example here is the realm of professional movers. At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we happily provide a whole host of moving services, from local and long-distance moves to storage, distribut..

CMS Relocation & Logistics Wins

United Van Lines Customer Excellence Award ST. LOUIS – (March 28, 2022) – CMS Relocation & Logistics out of Kent, WA was awarded United Van Lines’ Customer Excellence Award. The award recognizes CMS as a top achiever when it comes to providing exceptional quality service. The award criteria is based on customer survey results and van line star ratings in the area of safety, claims revenue distribution and quality performance. The honor..

CMS Moving & Logistics Receives Gold Committment to Excellence Award

CMS Moving & Logistics recently was acknowledged with the Gold Commitment to Excellence Award at the 2016 Global Network Conference in Washington, DC for another incredible year serving the people of Seattle, Washington with relocation and moving services!     Our entire staff has worked extremely hard these past 12 months is honored for the acknowledgement in such a prestigious award.     As we progre..

United Van Lines Receives a 2015 “Quality” Award for Seattle Moving & Carrier Services

    St. Louis –August 18, 2015–United Van Lines received a 2015 Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award in the household goods and high-value goods carrier category.   The Quest for Quality Award is regarded in the transportation and logistics industry as the most important measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence.   The awards are determined by Logistics Management readers who..

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