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Living Life in Seattle

  When thinking about moving to Seattle many people first think about the rain. It is true that Seattle does have a lot of rain but it also gives the city its unique beauty. When the day is a bit more sunny it is easy to take your pup with you to many of the pet friendly areas in city. For those days that you just cannot get through Seattle is one of the best places to find coffee. There are all sorts of shops from big named companies..

Top 5 Escape Rooms in Seattle

  Escape rooms are a great way to spend some time with your friends or have a different idea for a date night. Seattle is able to offer a wide variety of escape rooms that vary in theme. Each escape room offers an exciting adventure to challenge yourself and your friends. All of the rooms on this are fitting for beginners to escape rooms. Veterans will still enjoy the new themes these rooms have to offer. If you are looking for a grea..

Moving to Seattle: Neighborhoods Guide and Advice

Known as the 'Emerald City' because of the beautiful green surroundings, Seattle is a picturesque but rather wet place to live. That greenery has to come from somewhere! There are lots of great neighborhoods in amongst the greenery, so read on for some neighborhood tips on moving to Seattle:     Downtown   As you would expect from any major city, downtown is a lively place where you can easily find good shopping an..

Moving to Seattle Guide: Everything You Should Know

  Seattle has a great combination of different industries. In Seattle there is old-fashioned heavy industry, technology, design and a massive service sector.   It is also a great place for music and the arts with a creative heritage that dates back centuries. Seattle is a very clean and smart city with an excellent focus on eco matters. Things to consider when moving to Seattle   Because Seattle is surrounded..

4 Tips to Hire the Best Local Moving Company

  You might rank shopping for a Kent moving company right up there with watching paint dry, but the modest investment of time and effort required will really pay off on moving day. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with trusting your valuable belongings to a reputable company, and comparing bids from multiple service providers will keep more cash in your pocket.   In this two-part guide, we’ll detail the steps you shou..

DIY Packing Tips from Seattle Movers

  DIY Packing Tips from Seattle Movers   Are you into Do-It-Yourself projects? Are you moving soon and wondering how you are going to get all of your packing done and stay organized?   Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that:   Be sure to set aside important documents needed during your time in transit such as passports, children’s school records, moving papers, tax information etc. A..

Are you looking to move this Summer? Be sure to book your dates early!

  Are you looking to move this Summer? It is going to be a busy summer for the moving industry, be sure to book your dates early!   The busiest months of the year for moving are the months of June, July and August. The kids are out of school and getting settled into a new home before the start of a new school year seems to be on everyones to do list. The sooner you book your dates the better!   If you are moving..

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