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COVID-Safe Moving Services in Seattle

Everyone is excited to see the numbers of cases of COVID-19 fall as more people get vaccinated. While the risk of contracting a serious case of COVID-19 is falling, at CMS Relocation & Logistics of Seattle, we are not letting our guard down. We are still taking full precautions, and we want to give you some of our tips for safe moving in the era of COVID-19.

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1. Get a contactless estimate.

Previously, to give you an accurate estimate for moving the contents of your home, we would come inside and have a look around. We now have two options to provide an estimate and you can decide which option works best for you, an in-home walk-through or a virtual walk-through.. A virtual estimate is done over video chat, through an application of ours which you can download for free. You give us a tour of your home while we ask questions such as if you have any large or heavy items like a freezer, piano or pool table, or any extremely valuable items like artwork.

2. Continue to practice social distancing

If you go indoors during your move, stay at least 6 feet away from the movers in your home. Because none of us can be entirely sure who is fully vaccinated and who isn’t, this is the best way to protect everyone’s safety. Wearing a mask doubles the protection.

3. Let us know if you aren’t feeling well.

If you want to delay your move because you aren’t feeling well, we can work with you.

4. Stay offsite during the move.

This is good advice if you are not feeling well; however, you should still try to resist the urge to supervise your movers even if you feel well. Many of our clients are unable to be present for their move, and everything goes smoothly. If you feel you must be present for the move, try to remain outside. There, you can watch the movers load your belongings on the van. The move will go faster this way. If you need to come indoors during the move, try to keep windows and doors open for better ventilation.

5. Disinfect surfaces.

Our moving company disinfects surfaces such as moving tools and the inside of the moving vans before and after every move. We recommend you disinfect solid surfaces such as countertops and doorknobs inside your old home and your new home, before and after moving. While it is usually unsafe to use disinfectant or upholstered or wood furniture, know that our experienced movers in Seattle use rubber gloves throughout your move, and we also frequently wash our hands. Additionally, we limit our team to the use of one bathroom in your home to lower any risks.

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We have many years of experience in the moving business, and we have designated members of our team to stay up to date and informed about COVID-19 transmission avoidance best practices to provide the safest moving experience for our clients.

For questions about our local moving company’s services or to make an appointment for a virtual estimate, contact CMS Relocation & Logistics of Seattle today.

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