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Dive into The Seattle Aquarium This Summer

Seattle Aquarium


This summer plan a trip that will be not only educational but fun as well. The Seattle Aquarium is a great place to spend the day and learn more about the many animals and fish that reside there. During the summer there are many great events and opportunities when you visit the aquarium so be sure to check out what is happening before you come.


The Seattle Aquarium is open most days and even has extended hours over the summer. You will be able to enjoy the aquarium at your own pace as you spend the whole day discovering what fish and animals are at the aquarium. It is a great trip for children to get them out of the house and moving.




If you are feeling hungry after a long day of walking there is a wonderful Aquarium Cafe to stop at. This cafe is able to accommodate the taste preferences of children and adults alike. If you are feeling parched there is a variety of drinks to choose from ranging from water to espresso. Look for favorites like pizza or explore new tastes with their seafood choices.




The Seattle Aquarium wants everyone to have a great time and to be able to learn as they walk through the park. The exhibits and the restrooms are accessible to wheelchairs. If you are in need of a wheelchair you can also check one out at the front desk at no charge to you. These wheelchairs are first come first serve so make sure you arrive early if you are needing one.


If you have a service animal they are welcome to join you on your trip to the aquarium. Service dogs are able to accompany you in all of the exhibit spaces that are open to the public. If you do have a disability you are able to have a discounted ticket. If you are in need of an aid they are able to come to the park without purchasing a ticket.


For any groups of six or more you may be able to get an interpreter if your group speaks another language. This should be set up more than two weeks prior to your visit to the aquarium. Since this needs to be arranged before hand interpreters may not always be available when you are visiting. Always check back to see if an interpreter is available at another time.


Similarly if you need an ASL sign language interpreter or a sighted tour guide you are able to arrange if you give two weeks notice. These tour guides will be provided at no charge to you to ensure you are getting the best visit to the aquarium possible.


Special Activities


While you are at the aquarium you may be able to catch some of the activities that happen throughout the day. At certain times there is a diver show. These divers are equip with a mask that allows them to talk with an Aquarium interpreter outside of the tank. You will learn more about the exhibit they are in and be able to ask questions as well.


For the younger children visiting the aquarium there is story time. This story will be ocean themed. It is a great way to spend some time relaxing while your child learns a little more about the aquarium.


There are also daily feedings. During these feedings there will be a worker available that will teach you more about the animals that are being fed. Throughout this experience you will be able to ask questions to learn more.


This is only a few of the many activities that happen throughout the day at the aquarium. Be sure to check what activities are taking place the day of your visit. Set a timer on your phone so you are able to go to the right exhibit to participate in these wonderful activities.




Throughout the summer the aquarium holds many different events. Events may be centered around a certain exhibit in the aquarium or try to raise awareness for a certain project. These events will sell tickets beforehand and they can sell out. If you are interested in an event and have any questions be sure to check with the aquarium before purchasing a ticket. Watch out as these tickets can go quickly.


Summer Camp


The aquarium wants to promote learning throughout the summer with a marine summer camp. This camp is available for any child that is in eighth grade or lower. Let your child explore marine life this summer with the Seattle Aquarium. It is a great opportunity but you must sign up beforehand. There are a limited number of spot available for each age group.


Tips for Visits


If you need somewhere to store your items you are able to at the aquarium during your visit. Instead of leaving it in the car you are able to check in a small item and/or a coat with their Guest Service. These items will be held until you are ready to leave the aquarium. This is only available until their storage area is full.


Bring your stroller with you. If you think that you may need a stroller half way through your day you will need to bring one with. The Aquarium does not provide strollers to their visitors. They also do not allow you to store a stroller anywhere. If you are in need of one it must stay with you for your duration of the trip.


Bring your own food. The Aquarium does not allow you to bring in your own food or drinks. However, if you pack food that can last in a car or a cooler you can still enjoy your lunch half way through your day. If you leave the Aquarium you can get your hand stamped and eat your lunch In the Waterfront Park that is next door. Once your lunch is finished you can re enter the park as long as your stamp is still on your hand.


Don’t be scared of a rainy day. While some of the exhibits do have outdoor areas much of the aquarium is inside. Some of the outdoor exhibits have coverage above you so you are not likely to get wet if it is raining. It can be great to visit on a rainy day when not as many people are out.


The Seattle Aquarium is a great place to visit this summer. Whether you are just visiting for a few hours or you would like to spend the entire day you are sure to have fun. There are activities for all ages and it is a great way to learn more about the animals and fish that are there. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop on the way out. There are many items to help you remember your trip to the aquarium including stuffed animals and games!

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