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Favorite Summer Spots near Seattle for Children

Favorite Summer Spots near Seattle for Children


This summer do not settle for the typical summer vacation. Don’t allow your children to sit around the house and be board. Instead head out to visit a few of the best summer spots for children near Seattle. There are places that your children can learn through play and they will get in some vigorous exercising as well.


Children’s Museum of Tacoma


The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is what every parent is looking for in the summer. It is an interactive way for your children to learn and play without any of the mess of doing in your own home. The Children’s Museum has so many great areas set up that it may be hard to pick out to play in. Don’t worry it is easy to spend a few days here so be prepared to come back for multiple visits.


The museum believes in learning through play. This can easily be seen in their play spaces. There are a few places to choose from that cover a variety of learning experiences.


The woods is an area set up for a visit at grandma’s house in the woods. Straight out of a story book you are going to love the discovery your children will make in the kitchen area, an area dedicated to relaxing and reading, as well as the more interactive parts. To burn off that energy your children can climb over a rope bridge, through a pile of “logs” and over platforms.


Visit the water area for all the fun of discovering how water works without the worry of a messy house. Younger children will love the opportunity to play in the water. While older children will be able to discover new ways to move water.


Visit the voyager for a sculpture like play area that has a plane or a ship in the shape of a bird. This play area promotes gross motor activity through bikes that help power the birds wings. There are also many props and clothing materials for the children to play pretend.


If you are looking to create some masterpieces this summer visit Becka’s studio. By using many recycled material your children can let their creative juices flow. Allow their projects to dry while you explore other areas of the museum.


For the inventor in your life there is an invention area. Children will love figuring out what switch does what and why does that happen when I turn this knob? This interactive fun will give them a love for learning and they will be begging you to come back.


Northwest Trek Wildlife Park


Never let a little summer rain ruin your fun. The Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is actually a great destination to visit in the rain. Rain or shine you are going to love going to this park and seeing animals up close and personal.


While you could call this a zoo it is more of an interactive animal park. There is 725 acres to this park where there are many animals to discover. These animals are able to roam freely throughout the park so you can roam with them, in a tram of course, to view them in a more natural habitat.


This park is not only helping people learn about animals it is also helping endangered species by protecting them. Some of the animals you can see include bighorn sheep, moose, elk, and bison. These animals are use to the rain and even seem to enjoy it a bit. So it is a great rainy day activity.


The operators of the tram know what animals are going to be the most interesting and will be sure to slow down for you to see them. They will pause for you to see the animals up close and even to take some pictures. So do not forget your camera!


If you want to take it off the tram there are trails you are able to maneuver alone. These trails make you feel like you are truly in the wild. There are enough trees along the trails you will be able to enjoy your walk without getting too wet if it is raining.


While on your walk you may see animals like lynx, cougars, bobcats, wolverines, and even bears. There is even a Baker Research Cabin that allows you to feel like you are up close with the wolves. This cabin has a den that is soundproof so you are able to watch the wolves without scaring them way.


Canopy Climbers


An activity that the children are sure to enjoy Canopy Climbers takes climbing a tree to the next level. Any child that is five and up can join Dave Bayard and his crew at Volunteer Park. This is where they will be climbing the biggest trees in the park. While this seems scary Dave Bayard is a certified Aerial Rescue and his crew is able to help anyone regardless of fitness level safely climb these giant trees.


If you are still nervous don’t worry. All children and adults are fitted with safety gear. You will have a helmet, saddles and a harness before you begin to climb. It is important to be fitted correctly and the crew will help everyone through it.


The safety gear is inspected by the crew frequently. There are tests the gear must pass before it is used. All knots are tied by instructors to ensure that everyone will be safe. It should be noted that there are no spikes or hooks used to climb. That means no sharp edges as your climb the trees. Instead there are anchor tree branch union climber that are tied and inspected before any climbers get moving.


Once every is ready to go with their gear there is some training needing. These skills are taught in a way even children can understand to give them their best climbing experience. As the children climb the crew is able to help them as they ascend and descend.


No matter what your interests are there are great activities for children near Seattle. Rain or shine you will be able to find something to do to occupy your summer. Spend the day at the museum and learn through play. Explore the wilderness and get close to animals. Or spend the day high in the tree tops. Make this summer memorable.

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