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Getting Crafty The Seattle Renegade Craft Fair

Getting Crafty The Seattle Renegade Craft Fair


There is no better time to find a Renegade Craft Fair than just before the holidays.  There are so many amazing gift opportunities at these fairs.  Each fair has something a little different since different vendors will be in attendance.  Buying gifts at the fair is simple and any gift-giver can rest easy knowing that their gift is going to be unique this year.


What It Is to Renegade Craft


There is no one way to describe the Renegade Craft fair.  The fair does not have strict rules on what products vendors must produce.  Nor does it say how many items each vendor needs to bring or sell.  It is an open community that welcomes vendors to sell their beloved items.


People come together to participate in the Renegade Craft fair to spread the word about their products.  They also get to meet other creators that are working through the same situation as themselves.  The vendors that come together are passionate about their work and are striving to produce great products.


To really inspire creators the Renegade Craft fair wants to bring them together.  Each fair is an opportunity to join with other creators and to get new ideas for products.  The fair helps to show their high-quality work to local buyers who would be interested in making regular purchases.  Creating a relationship between local business and local buyers.


A great part of being at a fair is that everyone is welcoming.  The sponsors, vendors, and buyers are all coming together to create something better.  Each fair has different foods, music, and vendors to create a new experience every time a buyer attends.


The original Renegade Craft fair started in Chicago in 2003.  Ever since that first fair, they have found new sponsors, new vendors, and new cities to bring their crafting to.  There are currently twelve cities that participate in the fair but this is likely to grow.


Finding a Fair


The Renegade Craft Fair is not only in Seattle.  There are a variety of cities that host the fair at different times throughout the year.  Seattle is only one of twelve cities that the fair takes place in.  The fair does not always land on the same day in each city.  This year Seattle is going to have a fair in the middle of December.  Perfect timing for a little holiday shopping.


Seattle Renegade


Seattle has been one of the homes of the Renegade Craft fairs since 2015.  There are wonderful parks that the fair sets up in.  Each with room for vendors to show their wares and for the many eager buyers to peruse through.  Magnuson Park is a popular location for the fair.


Interested in Sponsorship


Some people are less interested in what there is to buy and more interested in sponsoring wonderful events that bring the community together.  The Renegade Craft Fair welcomes new sponsorships to add to their family.


There have been so many sponsors over the years that have made the fair possible in the twelve cities that hold it.  These sponsors always have an enthusiasm for community, crafting, and creativity.  Sponsors are welcome to join in on the fun.  Partner up with vendors and buyers by coming down to one of the fairs,


With the many fairs that are running throughout the year, Renegade Craft fairs will see hundreds of thousands of people who want to invest in small start-up businesses.  These small businesses come in the form of thousands of vendors that can apply to participate in their local craft fair.


All of these interested buyers are flocking to the Renegade Craft fair website for a whopping viewership of almost two million throughout the year.  The audience that participates in this type of event are typically eighteen to forty-five years old.


Vetting Out the Vendors


With every good craft fair, there are a variety of creators in attendance.  These creators fall into different categories depending on what product or service they are offering.  The first category is dedicated to the makers and designers.  They are the typical vendors that a person would imagine when thinking about a craft fair.  They create their products and sell that at their designated booths.  While selling their products they can connect with buyers and let them know the inspiration or story behind each piece.


Renegade Craft fair looks for people who love their art and want to share it with their community.  They seek to only accept vendors that are producing high-quality products that are made with passion.  Another aspect of selection for vendors is seeking out vendors that are ethically sourced.


Another popular craft product is food.  These vendors are not creating an art piece but that is not to say they do not make art with their food.  Each vendor is select for having unique and inspired food creations that taste great.


There are two ways to experience food at the craft fair.  Pre-packaged food vendors will have products that they have created at their personal business and packaged to be sold at the fair.  Other vendors will have a food truck or stand where they will prep, cook, and sell their food creations.


Finally, there are some people who do not sell products but instead sell their service.  These services can vary.  Some want to share a skill, others want to share games, and there is no limit to what these can entail.  As long as the booth is approved before the fair vendors can share their experiences.  Installations are also welcome.  But be sure to specify the amount of space needed to make the installation come to life.


Attending a craft fair is not always about making a purchase.  Many times it is an opportunity for locals to connect with each other.  Vendors can advertise their local businesses to let others know where they are located and what their product selection is.  Others may offer samples of services like seminars.  With so many different people and creations coming together it is no wonder Renegade Seattle is so popular.

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