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How to Handle a Rainy Moving Day

Moving is already a complicated and stressful process, but add bad weather into the mix and it can be a disaster. If you’re planning a move in Seattle, you need to be prepared for rain. CMS Relocation & Logistics can help make sure your move goes smoothly, even in the rain. With years of experience, we know how to deal with weather-related challenges and can get you safely moved into your new home. Consider some of these rainy day moving tips from our team of experts.

How to Handle a Rainy Moving Day

Protect Your Floors

If you’re moving on a rainy day, you’ll need to take extra care to protect your floors. Water can damage hardwood and tile, so it’s important to lay down slip-resistant materials. Our Seattle movers can help you with this and make sure your floors are protected. Covering your floors is essential for where you live currently and where you’re moving to. The last thing you want is to have to replace the floors in your new home because you didn’t protect them. However, there’s no need to worry because our team will take care of it for you.

Move Boxes Indoors To A Designated Area

When you’re moving on a rainy day, it’s important to take extra care with your belongings. One way to do this is to move boxes indoors to a designated area. This will help keep your belongings dry and protected from the elements. If possible, start by moving boxes that are heaviest or most valuable first. This will help prevent damage to your belongings if they get wet. Be sure to label each box so you know what’s inside and where it needs to go in your new home. A little preparation can go a long way on a rainy moving day. By taking the time to move boxes indoors, you can help protect your belongings and make the moving process a little easier.

How We Can Help Move Furniture On Rainy Days

Furniture can be particularly challenging to move on a rainy day, but we have you covered for that as well. Typically, we’ll want to wrap your furniture with waterproof materials and place it in moving blankets for added protection. We also provide furniture pads to keep your belongings from getting damaged as they slide around in transit. It’s important to keep items like chairs and couches dry because they’re harder to move in the rain. They can also become breeding grounds for mold and mildew damage. Rest assured, we’ll get them to your destination without an issue.

Unpack Any Wet Items First

There are bound to be a few wet items even with the careful moving process. If you have a lot of wet items, it’s best to unpack them first. We’ll place the items in a safe, dry place so they can air out before we unpack everything else. This will help prevent mold and mildew damage. We’re one of the trusted Seattle moving companies that can ensure you’re items won’t get damaged from water, even on the wettest days.

Dress For Wet Day Moving

Dress for a rainy day moving by layering your clothing. Wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella. Pack extra clothes and plastic bags to keep your belongings dry. Protect your electronics by placing them in waterproof containers. It’s imperative to avoid wearing flip-flops or any other shoes that leave your feet exposed. Cotton shirts work well on rainy days because they absorb moisture. Wear them over the top of a long-sleeve shirt and then put on your raincoat. For extra protection, wear a hooded raincoat. If you’re worried about getting wet and cold, try wearing an insulated or waterproof jacket with a hoodie underneath.

Plan Ahead With Our Seattle Movers

CMS Relocation & Logistics can help you coordinate moving day, and you’ll be prepared rain or shine. Whether you’re not sure about storage, or you need more questions answered about moving day, our company is here to help. We understand that moving can be overwhelming, especially while it’s raining outside. If you need the help of a professional, we’ll be here for you. Our team is one of the most trusted moving companies serving the Seattle area. Feel free to request a quote with us today at your convenience.

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