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How to Select Cross-Country Movers in Seattle

In moving, there are several types, local moves, long-distance moves and cross-country moves. Each has their own challenges and pricing structure. You want to make sure you select a moving company in Seattle that can do the job. Below, CMS Relocation & Logistics explains the ins and outs of cross-country moving.

Cross-Country Movers

What Is a Cross-Country Move?

A cross-country move is a move across state lines, a state-to-state move within the United States. This type of move usually takes more time to complete, counting loading the truck, traveling to your new home, and unloading it again.

How to Select Cross-Country Movers in Seattle

Once you’re sure you’re moving and you have a timetable, look for a preferred moving company in Seattle. You want to choose a company that has lots of positive reviews, and years of experience in cross-country moves. Our moving company has been in business for more than30 years!!

When you find a suitable company, the next step is to schedule time for an estimate. Prior to COVID-19, our moving company made in-person appointments to do estimates, walking through houses with clients to take inventory.

Today, we offer virtual estimates, in addition to an in-home appointment. You can either set up an appointment for an in-person walk-through, a virtual walk-through to give us a video tour of your home, or you can use our handy self-service quote tool. Our moving company provides accurate estimates with less risk to you.

After we see the inside of your home and talk to you about any unusually heavy or valuable items you have, we will write up an estimate. Your estimate is based not just on the contents of your home, but their weight as well as the number of miles away you are moving.

If you’re happy with your quote, we book your moving date.

Moving: The Big Day

If you have any questions prior to moving day, our moving company encourages you to contact the move coordinator we assigned to you, with whom you will work closely throughout your cross-country move.

Especially if it’s your first cross-country move, it’s important to understand when your belongings will arrive at your new home. Our moving company gives you a date range within which we will deliver your belongings. As the date gets closer, we can narrow down the day and time further.

While it can be nerve-racking and annoying to wait for your belongings to arrive if you are already in your new home, our move coordinators work with you to reduce any frustration or stress. For instance, some other less experienced moving companies may make estimates of arrival that are not realistic.

Spending days longer than you expected in a home without beds, furniture, dishes, etc., is an unpleasant experience you won’t ever forget — but it’s not one you’ll have to worry about with our Seattle moving company.

Items you will want to keep with you to take in your vehicle to your new home include eyeglasses, medication, toiletries, some clothing, towels, a coffeemaker, a few dishes and any other items you might need to be comfortable while you wait for your belongings to arrive.

Seattle Movers for Cross-Country Moves

Cross-country moves can be stressful, but they are less so when you work with CMS Relocation & Logistics of Seattle. Contact us today to get started planning your cross-country move.

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