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Long Distance Movers

Moving long-distance can be more stressful than a local move, and that’s why you want to work with a Seattle moving company you can depend on: CMS Relocation & Logistics. With years in the business, our long-distance movers have a reputation for excellence, no matter where in the world you’re going.

One of the reasons moving can be stressful is because it involves a lot of change. Changing jobs and changing schools is hard enough but moving into a new home significantly adds to the stress. The task of moving is infinitely easier when you work with an experienced moving company that can help make your move smoother.

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Packing Services for Long-Distance Moves

Your first move may have involved throwing your possessions into garbage bags, stuffing them into your Honda, and heading off to college. But as time goes on, we amass more items, we blend our lives with others and soon enough we need a full-sized moving truck!

Moving is a tremendous chore, and we take some of the burdens off our customers by offering packing services. You may want to try to save money by packing your own items, but it takes homeowners infinitely longer to perform this chore on their own.

While our packers are careful and efficient, homeowners tend to lovingly inspect each item they are packing and reminisce about how and when they acquired it, adding many hours to the task of packing. Our team can get the job done in 1 – 2 days depending on the size.


Dependable Seattle Moving Company

When you’re moving long-distance, reliability is key with a moving company. A long-distance move must be carefully coordinated far in advance — there’s no room for mistakes. Inexperienced or less disciplined movers may be late, or they may not show up at all. CMS Relocation & Logistics has a great reputation to protect, and that’s why we put our all into every move.

To provide you an accurate estimate before booking, we work with you to determine how much needs to be moved, how far away you’re moving, and if you have unusually valuable or heavy items such as a pool table or original artwork.

Long Distance, or interstate moving is regulated by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) built to shield consumers throughout their move. It is important to obtain and understand this document – “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

All too often, consumers are caught in hostage situations with fraudulent movers who may be holding property in exchange for additional charges, or not observing the agreed upon service dates. Be sure you understand your rights as a consumer and do your research to work with a trustworthy, licensed, and experienced moving company.


Storage Facilities in Seattle

With a long-distance move, you sometimes can’t take everything with you. If that’s the case for you, rely on CMS Relocation & Logistics to safely store for you all the items you don’t have room for.

When you’re moving out of Seattle, call CMS Relocation & Logistics. We’ll get you where you’re going.

We have moving down to a science, which is exactly what it is — a logistical puzzle. Your life must be disassembled, packed, shipped and reassembled somewhere else. And the smoother the transition, the easier it is.

Cross-Country Moving Services:

The CMS team will ensure your furniture and appliances are professionally wrapped and protected for transportation. The team will disassemble and reassemble your beds and at the destination address they will place your boxes and furniture in the correct rooms based on your specific direction. All contents for your move both furniture and boxes will be loaded onto the truck or containers and transported to the new location and then unloaded into your home.

Additional Services Include:

  • Full or Partial Packing (Boxed Items)
  • Full or Partial Packing (Unboxing items)
  • Removal of Empty Boxes and Packing Paper
  • Storage both Short and Long-Term Options
  • Auto Shipping
  • Additional Services (Installation, Crating, TV Mounting and more)
  • Protections Options for Damage or Loss (Full Value Coverage)


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