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Moving Company Extras: Packing & Unpacking

Did you know you can opt to have CMS Relocation & Logistics pack and/or unpack your belongings when you move? Yes, this service is not just for corporate bigwigs — anyone who wants it can have it. The experts at CMS want you to know how much of a difference packing and unpacking services can make for your move.

moving company packing

Have Your Local Movers Pack Your Boxes For You

There are many reasons to choose packing services. The main reason is that you just don’t want to do it. It’s a huge, tedious, time-consuming job that no one who’s moving wants to do. Especially if you have been compelled to move and don’t even want to, the task seems monumental.

If you’re packing up a large home to go in a full-sized moving truck, it’s unlikely you can accomplish this task on your own unless you plan to take time off from work to do it. If you prefer to pack some of your rooms yourself but not all of them, you can choose to have us pack only the rooms you designate. Many clients want us to pack the kitchen, since there are often thousands of items in this one room.

Sometimes when our movers are done packing, our clients are surprised at how quickly it went and think perhaps they should have done it themselves if it was so easy. This is an illusion. Remember that CMS has a team of people to pack your home, and we arrive with all the supplies we need to do it. We are focused on the task at hand and we don’t stop to have snacks and return texts.

Another time-saver when you hire packers is that we have no sentimental attachment to your things, so we don’t spend time looking at your first-grader’s handprint in plaster or your wedding photos before putting them in boxes.

Designate Unpacking to Our Moving Company

Especially if you are moving long-distance, unpacking services are hugely helpful. You may not arrive at your destination until hours or days after your moving company has unloaded your things. Why not use that time to have the movers unpack for you?

You may worry that having someone unpack for you will be chaotic, but you can designate ahead of time where you want your items to go. And if your favorite spatula isn’t where you thought it would be when you arrive, we guarantee you that it’s easier to find it in another drawer than it is to start looking through dozens of identical cardboard boxes.

Full Slate of Moving Services

We also offer other add-on services, such as debris removal at your previous home. Once we load up the truck, we spend some time taking out trash and unwanted items to the curb so your old home is left looking neat and tidy. This is especially important if you rented, because leaving behind a mess can result in cleaning charges.

For all your residential and commercial moving needs, depend on CMS Relocation & Logistics. We’re known as one of the best moving companies in Seattle. Contact us today for information or pricing.

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