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Moving Day Checklist


Moving from one home to another can be a daunting task and using a checklist ensures everything is in order. Moving to a new house without a checklist is like going to the store without a shopping list. While it’s possible, you may end up disorganized and without half of the items you need. 


A moving day checklist will provide you with the framework to keep you on check during the moving process and ensure the process runs smoothly. That said, you can use the following moving day checklist as a guide when preparing for your upcoming move.


Wake Up Early

It’s important to wake up early on your moving day. You may have packed everything and done all the organizing, but there are always some last-minute things to take care of. 


To avoid unnecessary hassles, you should give yourself enough time before the movers arrive at your home. 


Meet the Movers

Greet the moving team and make sure that everyone in the team is a representative of the moving company you hired. 


The moving truck’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number should be the same as the number on your quote. 


Supervise the Move

It’s a good idea to hang around as the moving crew loads up the boxes. You want to be there to answer any questions they might have. It also gives you peace of mind when you watch how they place everything onto the moving truck. 


Clean Up the Old Home

Once the movers have loaded up everything onto the moving vehicle, check around the home one last time to be sure you aren’t leaving anything behind. 


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In some cases, you may need to clean the place before leaving. If you don’t have the time, you might want to hire a cleaning company to do the job for you. After ensuring that everything is okay, lock up the house and head to your new home. 


Carry Valuables by Yourself

The movers shouldn’t load boxes containing your jewelry, laptop, important documents, and other irreplaceable items onto the moving vehicle. You should always keep these items near you and take them with you during the move. 


Be in Touch With Movers

Keep in touch with your movers during transit to your new home.  They might have encountered traffic challenges, lost their way, or had other issues. 


Staying in touch during the moving process is essential, so you can estimate how long they’ll take to get to your new home. 


Guide the Movers

Once the movers get to your new home, show them around the home. You want them to know which room is which so that both the furniture and boxes are placed in the appropriate rooms..  


Pay Your Movers

Once everything is done, complete the transaction using the agreed payment method. 


With this moving day checklist, you’re sure to have a well-organized move with minimal stress. You won’t be under pressure and end up wasting time or leaving some things behind.



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