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Pro Mover Tips on Moving from an Apartment to a House

Whether you’re planning to upsize or getting ready to purchase your first home, moving from an apartment to a house can be a big transition. You can make your move go as smoothly as possible when you have everything organized and planned. Before getting ready for the big day, let’s consider a few critical considerations.

Moving tips apartment to house

Consider which Home Projects To Complete

The last thing anybody wants to do when they move into their new home is dealing with fixing up their new space. As you’re getting ready to move, take some time to assess which home projects need to get done before hand. Below are some tasks to complete before moving your items into your new space.

  • Painting– If your new home requires a fresh coat of paint, get this done before moving in. This will ensure that there are no surprise spots or splatters when you’re unpacking your belongings.
  • General repairs– While you certainly don’t have to fix every little thing on your moving checklist, it’s wise to take care of any obvious issues that need attention. This can include anything from plumbing repairs to electrical issues.
  • Outdoor areas– You should ensure your entryways are free and clear because you’ll need to move in without running over any unexpected obstacles.

Communicate With Your Moving Company

Even if you lived in a small apartment or studio, you likely have personal items or other equipment that require special care. As you’re getting ready to work with movers in Seattle, let them know about any specific needs or concerns you have. For example, you could own a grand piano or some delicate antiques that are difficult to move. Communicating your needs ensures that your items get appropriately handled and transported to the new location.

Choosing the right moving company is just as important. When looking for a good moving company in Seattle, several questions should be asked to validate that you’ve made the right decision. How long have you been in business? How do you handle scheduling and estimates? What kind of insurance do you have? Are you licensed and insured? By asking these questions, you can ensure that you’re working with a reputable and reliable team that will get the job done right.

Get A Home Inspection

A home inspection is probably the last thing on your mind when moving from an apartment to a house. However, getting one is necessary because it will help you identify any repairs or maintenance that need to be done before moving in. From mold removal to electrical fixes, a home inspection can help you address these issues upfront so that you can move into your new space with peace of mind.

During your move, it’s also a good idea to get contact information from local contractors to help with your home maintenance needs. These professionals can include electricians, lawn service, pest control, and more. Having this information in one place can help streamline the process and ensure you have all of your bases covered during and after your move.

Explore The Area And Meet Neighbors

There’s so much to explore in Seattle neighborhoods because each has its distinct character and charm. If you’re moving to a specific area, spend some time there in advance to get familiar with the neighborhood and meet some people. Whether moving to a downtown urban setting or a beachfront community, there are plenty of great things to see and do.

It’s also important to know who your neighbors are. They can come in handy if you need to leave for a weekend or vacation and can let you know any pertinent information about the neighborhood. Knowing your neighbors will make it easier to feel comfortable in your new abode.

Contact CMS Relocation & Logistics If You’re Moving To A House

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when moving into a new home. By taking care of these considerations beforehand, our Seattle movers can help you settle into your new space and enjoy life in your new home. For more information or to book a move, contact CMS Relocation & Logistics today.

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