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Seattle Activities for the New Year

 Activities for the New Year


Seattle is a wonderful place to find different activities and there is a lot happening in 2018. The whole family can enjoy a variety of events that happen throughout the year. Some events are even free! While there are days in Seattle where the rain looks like it could ruin the whole day. Most residents have learned to embrace the cold and wet weather and some even incorporate it into their events.


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Worst Day of the Year Run


In January, the Worst Day of the Year Run takes place. In Washington’s history, January 10th was the coldest and rainiest day of the year. Thus the Worst Day of the Year Run was born. It is a race that over one thousand people can participate in. It is a popular race and it is recommended to register early to ensure a place in the race.


When registered there are a few items that will come with. Participants will get a winter hat and finisher medal. To keep the day fun there is a costume contest with prizes. To get warmed up hot food will be served. The best part about the end of the race is that all of the activities are inside where it is nice and warm.


This can be a family event. Even children can enjoy the worst day of the year and run alongside their parents. Anyone running alone must be at least fourteen. For the little runners that are still in a stroller, feel free to bring them along as well. The course can accommodate strollers. If running does not sound fun, feel free to participate as a walker.


Free National Park Day


January is a great month to take the family on a trip to a national park. On the 15th the National Parks are free to get into. It is a great way have a fun family outing without spending any money. The national parks have great walking areas and are beautiful to look at. Try going to a new park or even visiting an old favorite when there are no costs to getting in.


Washington has many parks to choose from. Taking a day trip to one of these parks can be fun for the whole family and get everyone up and moving. Please note that many people like to take advantage of the Free National Park Days.


The parks are typically much busier than usual. While this can mean making new friends along the trails, it also means less room for parking. Be prepared to walk from a parking spot that is a little further away than usual.


America’s Largest Antique and Collectible Show


In February on the 3rd and 4th, enjoy the largest antique show in America. This show allows over 400 vendors to sell their wares. That is a lot of antique and collectibles to choose from. There are items that range from vintage jewelry to furniture, and even paintings. Even if someone is not looking for something in particular, they are likely to leave with something they never knew they wanted.


There is a small fee to get into the show. Adults will pay $7 to be able to look at all of the goods that are for sale. Children that are under twelve will be able to look for free. There is a wide range of items from the 1880s to the 1970s that are on show. Catching this show can be hard since it only happens twice a year. Be sure to purchase a ticket and look at all of the wonderful treasures available.


Seattle Kennel Club Dog Festival


The Seattle Kennel Club Dog Festival takes place in March from the 10th to the 11th. This dog show is very popular and there is typically over ten thousand people in attendance. It is a large dog show that will have over two thousand dog participants.


Any dog lover will enjoy sitting through this extensive dog show. The many breeds of dogs participating are at the top of their bloodline and have a flair for showbiz. Their coats are well maintained and they are beautiful to look at. Not to mention very well behaved.


Each dog is trained by their owner to participate in a variety of events. The typical showing where the dogs must walk properly beside their owner and allow judges to view all parts of them is a true test of obedience. There is also an excited agility portion where the dogs put their skills to the test in a variety of courses.


St Patrick’s Day Parade


The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on March 17th. This is not a simple parade with a few floats. There will be bands, pipers, and dancers to entertain everyone watching. There are over two thousand people who participate in the parade to make it special and memorable. It is a great event for the whole family. Children will love to watch the dancers and listen to the music as the parade goes by.


If spectating is not exciting enough, it is easy to register for a spot in the parade. Groups can register to walk in the parade with a banner to advertise a cause or a business. Individual participants are able to walk in the parade with pre-registering.


The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is just one event in March that celebrates the holiday. There are many other events to enjoy from cooking classes, to lunches or dinners, and even an Irish festival. There will be plenty of food and candy to be had and always a lot of fun.


Celebrate the weather and culture of Seattle with any of these great events. The year is packed full of wonderful events for everyone to enjoy. From holiday celebrations to enjoying a good run in the rain, there is something for everyone in Seattle.

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