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Seattle Moving Tips To Make Life Easy



Seattle is a bustling city with art, food, and plenty of job opportunities to explore.  With the many opportunities coming into the city there are many people who want to make it their new home.  While considering a move any new resident must consider what changes they may need to make to their everyday life.  Moving does not have to be difficult it is easy with these tips.


Finding a Home


Moving to a new city for a job or a change of scenery is a fun experience.  Finding a house in that new area can be difficult. Learning more about the available houses or apartments before moving to the area can be helpful to make it as painless as possible.  Renting is a popular option for those that are undecided if they would like to stay long-term.


Renting a one-bedroom apartment is around one thousand eight hundred dollars.  While a two-bedroom nears two thousand four hundred dollars. These prices have seen a slight drop in the last few years, but have mostly stayed consistent.  The prices are higher than in some cities, but they are certainly not at the top.


The cost of utilities and extra services fit into the average for most cities.  Utilities will take around one hundred and fifty dollars. Extra services may cost up to one hundred dollars and they can include the internet.  Without factoring in the number of family members it can be difficult to find exact estimates but transportation may cost a little over one hundred dollars.




Speaking of traffic, do not expect anything spectacular.  Every resident will agree on the traffic in Seattle leaves something to be desired.  In fact, Seattle has consistently landed itself a spot on the top ten cities to have the worst traffic in the United States.  That does not mean that driving is impossible, but it is not for the faint of heart.


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For those that do not want to navigate through the traffic, there are always options to take public transit.  Most residents choose to use public transit versus fighting the other drivers on the road. There is a train that specializes in transporting residents to the airport.  There are a select few spots along the way to pick up and drop off passengers.


The transit system that most residents will use is the bus.  There are many more stops available along the bus lines. Many people rely on the bus to get to work and back home at the end of their day.  For the more eco-friendly resident, there are plenty of people that take to the road on their bikes. Walking and biking to get to work or to go shopping is a popular choice.


Tips For Making It In Seattle


Take advantage of what the city has to offer.  Do not be scared to visit before deciding to make the leap and move to Seattle.  Vacationing in the area before moving can make it so much easier to find the best neighborhoods and places to spend weekends.  Taking the time to visit takes away some of the anxiety people may have when moving to a new area.


There are plenty of places to visit if taking a vacation.  Planning a small vacation it is a great idea to pick a variety of restaurants to try and simply relax in a hotel for a few days.  If planning a trip that is a bit longer try to find a few local attractions. One that many people find quite beautiful is the Mount Rainier Nation Park that has spectacular flowers in the spring.


For those that love sports Seattle is a great place to be.  There are plenty of professional sports steams right in Seattle.  There are many collegiate teams to follow too. Planning a trip about this theme is easy for a sports enthusiast.


Seattle is a city where many people reside.  Bringing people into one place means there are people with varying opinions, cultures, and interests.  There are many events that take place in the area that celebrate the people living in Seattle.


Some including two Pride festivals that have free events for everyone to attend.  These are not the only festivals in the area. Doing a quick search before moving will bring an array of celebrations that are coming up to enjoy.


Expect rain.  It is no joke that Seattle gets plenty of rain every year.  Each year there can be around thirty-seven inches of rain. Almost one hundred and fifty days of each year there will be rain.  Even though this can sound glum residents have learned to live in the rain. It helps to keep the scenery green and growing.


Pay attention to who is renting out apartments if choosing to rent.  Finding a reputable source to rent from and visiting the apartment or house before moving is important.  There are many landlords that do not keep their rentals in the best conditions and there are many who work hard for their tenants.  Similarly, there can be scams to trick people out of their money while they are moving a great distance.


Get Moving


Do not start this move unprepared.  Learn more about the city and leave the moving portion up to a professional.  Trying to organize and pack everything in a home is not enjoyable for most people.  Allowing a moving company to organize, pack, and move these belongings will make the entire experience more enjoyable.  No one should dread moving because of an overwhelming task like packing and transporting their belongings.


Finding the best way to move with a family or when moving alone can make life more enjoyable.  Moving is a huge event in anyone’s life. People should be excited to get to their new home and a new city to begin their new adventure.  Becoming a resident of Seattle allows for new experiences whether moving alone or with family. Allow a moving company to take the burden of moving away and be excited to experience Seattle. 

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