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The Beginners Guide to Moving to Seattle

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle For Families


Sometimes people decide that they need a change and they often choose to move to a new city.  Whether that city is in their current state or even thousands of miles away they may not feel prepared for the move.  Change can be a great thing to have but it is also scary. A great way to combat this fear is to learn about the area before moving there.  Seattle is home to many people who love where they live, enjoy their careers, and would not want to live anywhere else. But every person needs to decide if it is the area for them before they make a decision.


Paying For Life In Seattle


Do not wait until the last minute to set up utility accounts.  Big cities like Seattle know that residents do not have time to drive across town to pay bills.  They make it easy by having all the information available online. Most places allow residents to set up their utility account online so a new resident could have their accounts prepared before they make the move.


The cost of living in Seattle is more than in other areas.  Most see about a twenty-five percent increase compared to living in other nearby cities.  To buy a home in Seattle residents are going to, on average, spend over four hundred thousand dollars.  Renting is more than one thousand a month for a two-bedroom apartment.  


Residents are spending a little over ten percent above the national average on food costs each month.  Pairing that with paying for public transportation can take a portion of a resident’s monthly budget. However, most utility costs are lower than in other areas so that can help to even out the added costs.  One major plus is the lack of income taxes.  

Public Transport


Of course, anyone can bring their vehicle to Seattle with them.  However, driving in Seattle is going to be different than in a smaller town.  The roads are busy and many drivers are trying to get to their destinations. This can cause some long commute times.


To avoid this frustration some people opt for public transportation.  Some buses help reduce some of the vehicles on the road. Or even a light rail system that intertwines throughout the city to get people close to their destinations.  The key is knowing when these transportation systems are running and which route to take.

Eating Out


People love to stay inside on rainy days.  What better way to escape the rain than a warm meal or a hot coffee.  Seattle residents know one thing, their coffee shops are better. The many coffee shops and restaurants in the area use fresh ingredients.  Seattle has many sources for fresh ingredients so it is easy for businesses and residents to get their hands on top quality components for meals.

Having Fun


There are many activities to keep residents busy.  Many residents like to spend sunny days at the many parks or landmarks nearby.  On the days where the sun is shining and it is over seventy degrees, it is easy to spend hours outdoors.


For the times the adults need to get out of the house the nightlife is equally exciting.  There are more venues to choose from than in other areas. From blues clubs to dive bars. Drink, dance, eat, watch football, or simply talk with friends.  It’s easy to find a spot to unwind from the long work week. 

What Residents Need To Know


Anyone that has heard of Seattle before is likely to know one thing.  Seattle is a rainy place to live in. Residents are simply prepared for the rain.  They always have an umbrella on them and they are often conscious of their clothing decisions for the day.  Some people dislike dealing with the rain and this would make living in Seattle difficult. For those that enjoy the gentle sounds of rain while at home it may be the perfect area.


Many problems can come with moving to a larger city from a smaller one.  The first is dealing with the onslaught of traffic. People are often unprepared for the amount of traffic that will slow them down.  Even though this can feel light a big downfall it simply means spending time planning for slow traffic versus flying out the door last minute.


Even though there are over six hundred thousand people that live in this city and there is a ton of traffic it is a very safe area to live.  In fact, it is currently the fourth safest city in this country. Making it an easy choice for many families who want to bring children into their lives.


With the amount of rain that comes with living in the city the winters can feel like they last forever.  As it turns cold all that rain turns into snow. For those that do not want to handle shoveling snow or trudging through it on a daily basis, this is not the town for them.


Something that everyone can celebrate is the job market.  There are a ton of big businesses that call Seattle home. Making it easier to find a job within a big company and stay on the higher side of the minimum wage.  Most people will start anywhere from twelve to fifteen dollars an hour. In Seattle, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average with many people moving to the area to find employment. 


Living in Seattle is different because of the constantly changing weather.  People have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. The job market is booming and this has caused rent prices to hike up.  Buying a house can cost a resident a bit more but it is worth it with the low utility costs and access to big-name businesses. Planning a move to Seattle should be on anyone’s list who loves a big city that has plenty of fun to offer.


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