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The Only 4 Reasons A Person Needs To Decide to Move to Seattle

The Only 4 Reasons A Person Needs To Decide to Move to Seattle


Deciding to move is not an easy task. For those that are looking to move to a new city or even out of state, this decision is even harder. Unless a person has spent many vacations in an area it can be impossible for them to know how they like a city. Seattle is a city that is great to visit but even better to live in. There are beautiful landscapes, bountiful options for shopping and fun, many family-oriented activities, and a booming economy that is perfect for someone to set up shop near-by.


Close to Other Destinations


Seattle is a city where a person could potentially never need to leave the city. There are plenty of stores, bars, grocery options, and leisure activities available right in the city. Not to mention wonderful neighborhoods to live in where family-oriented residents reside. With that in mind, Seattle is in the perfect area to travel, if desired.


There are plenty of places that are near-by that people like to go to. Seattle sits in the middle of these areas making it easier to take a weekend trip away from the city and come back once the fun is over. Most places are only a few hour drives and some even use passenger ferries to help people get to where they are needing to go. With these many options, it is no wonder Seattle residents are happy to pop away for the day and ultimately come home to their favorite city.


Fresh Produce


While thinking of the city few people are thinking about the fresh produce that could be available at a farmers market. Farmers’ markets are more closely related to a smaller town where people are more readily able to grow their own produce. Even though Seattle is a busy city there are actually make farmers markets to choose from.


Neighborhoods often get together and put on a farmers market throughout the year. For those that want that fresh produce all year, it may take a little bit of searching but there are some farmers markets in the area that meet all year long. Coming together to get great ingredients is good to help any family stay healthy and support their community. Some of these farmers’ markets try to bring the community even closer together and help families learn more about using this fresh produce. They use cooking demonstrations to show people what to do with their produce at home and to help people learn a little more about eating healthy.


The best time of the year to look for a farmers market starts in June and will go until the start of August. Even though these are the prime times to find a farmers market there are others available at all times of the year. Giving any residents easy access to better products for their daily meals.


The Music Scene


There is no shortage of music in Seattle. Seattle is home to some popular clubs that play music all night long for anyone to come to shake a leg. Plus there are also many concerts held in Seattle because there are various venues for musicians to choose from. Any resident can find the perfect venue to enjoy music whether it is simply to dance or to enjoy a live performance.


The venues in Seattle are no joke. Many famous musicians will tour through Seattle because of the indoor and outdoor concert venues available. Simply watch for announcements for the next big musician that will be coming through to avoid missing out on that experience. Clubs and bars are notorious for having blasting music perfect for a night on the town. There are many clubs and bars to choose from in Seattle. Some focus on playing music to dance to while others allow people to come to play live music. Supporting local artists is a great way to enjoy an evening of drinking, visiting, and listening to good music. Residents often get in on the action during open mic nights. Even those first starting out can find love in the many bars that allow new performers on the stage.


To really celebrate the musical styles that come through the city there are different festivals to visit. There are multiple festivals held throughout the year that focus heavily on music. Two that many people look forward to are the Northwest Folklife Festival and the Bumbershoot.


Outdoor Fun


Seattle is a city that thinks about residents health and their overall environmental impact. Their residents use bikes much more than other cities and this helps the city rank at the top for how green their city is. Almost all streets have a dedicated bike lane to allow their residents to bike safely. Plus those that need to go long distances can easily use the bus with their bikes since their buses have bike racks that are easy to use.


Besides biking to go shopping or to get to work residents like to bike for fun. There are over one hundred and twenty miles of trails for those that like to bike, hike, or even walk. This gives residents plenty of space to exercise and enjoy the scenery around them. For those that really like the outdoors, there are areas to camp or rent a cabin that gives access to many trails.


Anyone looking for a bit more strenuous activity should look toward the nearby mountains. These mountains are a great area for people to hike. Once a resident hikes to their destination they are often greeted by a beautiful waterfall or other natural wonders.


There are even options for those that want to avoid walking the trails and would rather float down the river beside them. Kayaking is a popular choice for many residents and there are several areas where they can be rented to use on one of the many waterways.


Seattle is a city that has something to offer to everyone. Families will enjoy the outdoor activities available and the bountiful farmers markets. Those looking for a night on the town will love the nightlife scene paired with the many opportunities for live music. Plus the city is in the perfect spot to travel to other areas for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

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