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Variables That Play into the Cost of Professional Movers

There are a few factors that will naturally be important to anyone planning an upcoming move, and one of these will be the cost of the move. For those utilizing professional moving services, there are several different variables that will play a role in determining this cost and knowing them ahead of time may help you navigate the process more easily.

At CMS Relocation & Logistics, we’re happy to serve as one of Seattle’s top moving professionals, handling both residential and commercial moving needs of any kind. The precise costs of our services will vary based on a number of different factors — what are these, and how should you prepare for the different ways your costs will change based on them? Here’s a primer.

variables cost professional movers

Size and Distance

First and foremost, the size of the home or building space that’s being moved is perhaps the single largest factor that determines the cost of a move. Quite simply, the more stuff you’ve got to move, and the longer the distance it’s going to be moved, the higher your costs will end up being.

This means that if you’re moving from an apartment into a nearby house or vice versa, you’ll probably not incur much in terms of costs, since your stuff won’t have to be moved far. If you’re moving from a large house into an even larger house or another, larger house in the same area, though, expect your costs to be higher — especially if there are significant differences in the elevations of your new home and your old one. And if you’re moving a large number of items plus covering a long distance while doing so, your costs will be even higher yet.

Long-Distance Versus Local

Down similar lines, nearly every moving company will have a completely different set of pricing regulations for local moves and long-distance ones. In the case of a long-distance move, there are additional factors to be considered in addition to sheer distance — items that might not need special consideration for a short move must often be wrapped or otherwise prepared in order to withstand the stress of being moved over a longer distance.

As such, expect your costs for a local move to be significantly lower than your costs for one that’s long-distance. Also, important here are factors like regulated tariff pricing — moves will generally be done based on the weight of your household, plus the mileage covered from pickup to delivery at the new location.

Specific Moving Services Provided

Another important factor to consider here will be the specific moving services provided. Are we moving every single item in your home or building, or only a small number of particularly fragile or awkward items? If we’re moving everything, you can expect your costs to be higher — after all, the company has to compensate for this by either hiring more staff members or otherwise finding ways to speed up the process.

If only certain key items are being moved, though, that may cut your costs significantly. In addition, will we be packing and/or unpacking for you? If so, that will also have a substantial impact on your costs.

In addition to these factors and more, there will be additional costs involved with your move — coverage for damage or loss (moving valuation) designed to protect both the company and yourself during the course of the move. Again, it’s best to be as informed as possible about this, so it may be worthwhile to ask the company representative you hire about their specific moving fees.

Move Timing

While it won’t usually have quite as large an impact as some of the other factors we’ve gone over here, the timing of the move also plays a role in how much it costs. For example, if you’re moving during one of the busier seasons for moving companies, like the summertime or just after holiday periods like Christmas or Thanksgiving, then your costs will naturally be higher than they would be at other times during the year.

That’s because these are times when most people are also trying to hire movers — so competition for the services of good moving companies will be higher, meaning prices will naturally go up as well. Certain seasons, such as fall and winter, tend to come with lower costs, though. In addition, be aware that weekend moves will generally cost more than weekday ones — movers tend to get busy during the week and may not have an opening for a weekend move without charging you a higher price for it.

Accommodation Costs

Finally, one related moving cost that will only be notable during a long-distance move is known as accommodation cost. During many such moving situations, you will arrive at your destination before your possessions — sometimes by just a day, but in other cases by multiple days.

This means you need somewhere to stay during the middle period, and this is what makes up accommodation costs. Whether you’re staying at a hotel, AirBNB or some other similar accommodations, these costs may add a significant amount to your total moving budget. If you happen to have friends or family in your new location who can put you up for a night or two, however, this will help you save some costs and keep your budget intact.

For more on the factors that impact the cost of professional movers, or to learn about any of our moving services in Seattle or nearby areas, speak to the team at CMS Relocation & Logistics today.

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